Sometimes I'm in a rut where I have to draw long sequences of things that are boring, office furniture, car-lined residential streets, Trevor's absurdly detailed naugahyde jacket, etc. so I'll do little one-off drawings to spice up an otherwise tedious drawing day. 

I wanted to do a series on bad girls, zeroing in on some of the deeper cuts. Bad girl art often centers around the more pin-up-y girls, so I wanted to give a little justice to some of the less fanboy friendly characters. 

Secret Wars, for all its flaws, was surprisingly progressive when it came to villain equality, producing not one but two supervillainesses, Volcana & Titania, Titania being one of the toughest characters in the Marvel universe, on par with the Hulk.

For Titania I wanted to draw her a little like one of the fabulous women of wrestling. When I was a kid I saw a movie called ...All the Marbles and it must have made an impression 'cos it's material I keep coming back to ("Tarzana" in GUN #2).

Volcana I went in the opposite direction, people always seem to draw her like a golem (or lady Sandman). Also it was a nice excuse to play around with strictly digital coloring, which even though I rail against is fun to do with spectacular results sometimes!


pen & ink, digital colors