SLAUGHTERBALL!! The underground sport of super villains – Part Death Race 2000/part Canonball Run: teams of criminals race to get a time bomb known as the Slaughterball across an America-sized playing field before it explodes!


Being off balance… Being at sea… Being in a high place… Being in love…Like the hundred words for snow there’s more than just one version of vertigo and the secrets of Trevor’s super power are the key to understanding the man under the mask. Meanwhile, the ratings are in and Slaughterball is a hit! Trailing it through the truckstop diners and shopping malls of the American road, reporter Woody Dallas probes the supercrooks and outlaws competing in the race… What is the nature of evil? Are some people just born that way? What’s the difference between a super villain and a criminal? Olive Armstrong returns but when a mysterious figure from Trevor’s past resurfaces with an old score to settle will Olive get the bill for Trevor’s past misdeeds?