GUN #4 - "the man with the blue arm"

28 Pages | Full Color | No Ads | Story & Art by Jack Foster


You’ve heard it whispered about in dark bars and betting parlors… Slaughterball – the underground sport of super villains. Part Death Race 2000/ part Cannonball Run, players fight to get a time bomb known as the Slaughterball across an America-sized playing field and over the finish line before it detonates.

Gonzo journalist Woody Dallas gets what may be his last assignment: Cover the Slaughterball – from the inside. “I want you in the car, I want your foot on the gas, I want to smell the Napalm…”  ESPN6 has exclusive rights and a media blackout; broke and desperate for funds to complete his masterpiece, legendary Hollywood director Ronson Wales receives an offer he may not want to refuse…  Meanwhile an implacable sheriff makes preparations to insure this will be the last time Slaughterball rips through his scenic, oceanside town… 

And at the center of it all, the Slaughterball – drawing loose-screws and desperados; some for greed, for ambition, for revenge, or one last stab at glory and mayhem and as the timer drops, the body count rises.

Fully painted, high octane thrills and grindhouse feels from writer and artist Jack Foster.



ALSO! Check out the Slaughterball Soundtrack on Spotify

When I was working on the issue I put together a mixtape of music specifically with the rerto-80's B-movie vibe I was going for with the story; a lot of Kavinsky, or vaguely vaporwave-ish sountrack work of Cliff Maritinez, the fuzzy reverb anthems of Dan Friel, stuff like that. After the comic was finished, certain panels just felt empty without the playing behind them. 

I love comics but something you can do in movies that you just can't in comics is use music to really push the emotion of a scene to 11; I'm thinking of Goodbye Ruby Tuesday in the Royal Tannenbaums or Goodbye Yellow Brick Road in American Hustle.

So I curated a 'soundtrack' – a playlist of songs meant to play behind the comic you can listen to on Spotify. The notes page in the comic syncs the track listing up with the scenes. Goofy? Or brilliant? I don't know, isn't that the question lingering over this entire enterprise, anyway, give it a listen...



36 Pages | Full Color | No Ads | Story & Art by Jack Foster

Remember when you were a kid and you thought you were going to be a rock star? Arena shows. Champagne. Thousands of people chanting your name... your life was going to be one long limo ride. Then you wake up and you're 30 and the limo never came. It's like that only I never wanted to be a rock star...
I wanted to take over the world.

Trevor enters an uneasy alliance with two fellow criminal also-rans: bruised, beautiful Olive Armstrong and aging 60's super-radical, Agent Orange when the trio stumble upon the passed out body of a left-for-dead superhero. The plan is simple: ransom the hero at an underworld 'black auction' and split the take three ways. Of course, like all simple plans it goes disastrously, murderously awry...



gun issue 2 cover


30 Pages | Full Color | No Ads | Story & Art by Jack Foster

Trevor and Olive are guns on the run in warp-powered chase across the country, pursued by the relentless bounty hunter, Portmanteaux, as they make their way to the Mermaid Lagoon, a safe house operating out of a brothel that caters to super powered clientele... 

Have a combustible body? Maybe you’re covered with poison quills. Electro touch? Do you sweat a corrosive agent that eats through normal flesh? For these demands, a more calibrated class of escort is required and the Mermaid Lagoon is where you find them...



GUN #3 - "CAPES"

28 Pages | Full Color | No Ads | Story & Art by Jack Foster

Trevor tracks down the double-crosser, Agent Orange just as the hired hit squad hot on his tail catch up with him; meanwhile, at the Mermaid Lagoon, Olive & Sugarbuzz stage a Thelma & Louise style getaway and discuss the finer points of Pretty Woman... All roads lead to the desert warehouse of Belasco the Magician–a Vegas illusionist that moonlights as a crimefighter–for an epic battle royale... Capes vs guns, Bounty hunters, death-crazed killer robots, the elder statesman of superheroes, a busload of strippers and at least one elder God... This one's got it all!